Vulnerability is Sexy—The Game (TM)
Vulnerability is Sexy—The Game (TM)
Vulnerability is Sexy—The Game (TM)
Vulnerability is Sexy—The Game (TM)
Vulnerability is Sexy—The Game (TM)
Vulnerability is Sexy—The Game (TM)

Vulnerability is Sexy—The Game (TM)

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Break the Ice

Get Vulnerable

Laugh a Little

You will never feel closer to other people than when you play Vulnerability is Sexy. Created by Round Table Companies (RTC), who has been guiding CEOs and thought leaders through the process of writing the book they were born to write, Vulnerability is Sexy is based on a decade of experience creating spaces for profound vulnerability and magical connection. 

With three levels of game questions, players meet the game where they choose. And with play action that is randomly determined by the game, listening and truly hearing other players in new ways becomes possible.  

Risk sharing who you are with those you care about.

Laugh together from deep in your belly. Cry together, with the tears of feeling loved. Grow together for many years to come.

For players 17 years old and up. Recommended for 2 to 12 players per set.


PRAISE for Vulnerability is Sexy

Deckade card games voted Vulnerability is Sexy as the #1 card game that will change your life. From their review: You will certainly laugh together, you may even cry together. But above all this you’ll gain more appreciation and respect for one another. As well as more likability and lovability towards each other – and if that’s not sexy, we don’t know what is.

I’ve played Vulnerability Is Sexy with my team and during workshops, and I’m always surprised by how quickly most people shake off their skepticism and get involved. The game can become a bit addictive. . .

— Elise Keith, Co-Founder of Lucid Meetings and Author of Where the Action Is.

Perhaps the greatest treasure the ThreeSixtyEight crew discovered on our Arkansas adventure was each other. Our fearless leader, Kenny, challenged us to bare our souls with the Vulnerability is Sexy game (10 out of 10 – would recommend). Sometimes you spend months or years working alongside someone, and never really know them. Vulnerability is Sexy strives to bridge this gap and bring people closer through emotional, and hilarious, prompts. By the end of the retreat, everyone agreed that they learned more about the people around them and felt closer as a team.

— Alex Dileo, ThreeSixtyEight

We laughed (constantly), we cried (on multiple occasions), but most of all, we connected on a deeper level. . .

— Torie Klocko, 2020 grad of Thunderbird School of Global Management

I love that the point of this game is to create safety and hold space (two phrases/ideas that are well-known now in the vulnerability movement) for people to be their most authentic selves.

— Melissa Snyder, Mom, Writer, Geek, Superwoman

That game we played at the Conscious Company Leaders Forum was so powerful. Being guided to create space without having any reason to be thinking about what I might say next, and being able to just listen without feeling a need to fix anything or offer guidance was just brilliant.

—Christine Crockett Smith, Author of 18 Master Values







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